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Sr. Barbara Green, OP
Game of Job
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Sr. Barbara Green, OP
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March 13, 2024
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9:30 am - 2 pm PT

The big question we can work at today comes from Job: the im/patient man and the biblical book—as we read them and our current selves.  How can it be that so old and odd a story can help us with anything troubling to our postmodern selves? Why haven’t we outgrown such quaint tales from our Bibles, or maybe why have they not given up on us by now? How do they work when they work, when we approach them skillfully? How do we work them, and they work us. In a moment of time when Bibles are being closed with slight thuds all over the modern world, why do we ask ours to rustle their old pages, open wider, and disclose to us something we want to know? How can this help us

Suggestion: The answers are not clear, so be bold: answer outside the lines, as fresh as you can do. Calling the session a game suggests that we can “replay” it many times with benefit, and my choice of title recognizes that the ending (Job gets his stuff back—even more!)—simply resets for the next experience of vulnerability that is part of our human condition. Job’s issues are never wholly resolved. Challenge: This is the most difficult book in the OT/Bible….

Sr. Barbara is currently in the ministry of leadership for the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael. She has recently retired from teaching Scripture at the Graduate Theological Union and delights in bringing fresh, relevant insights into our understanding of Scripture.

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