Days of Prayer

Patricia Bruno, OP
The Name of God is Mercy
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Patricia Bruno, OP
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October 12, 2022
Event Time
9:30 am - 2 pm

By what name do we know God? By what name does God know us?  Pope Francis’ sustained reflections on God as mercy invites us to reflect deeply on our own experience of the compassion and mercy of God, especially as it is revealed to us through our relationships.  Sr. Patricia will help us explore these grace-filled gifts during our day together.

Sister Patricia Bruno is a gifted itinerant preacher in the lineage of Saints Dominic and Catherine, offering parish retreats throughout the U.S. with her preaching partner Fr. Jude Siciliano, OP.

The Day of Prayer is offered both onsite and online.

The Center opens at 9 am. Proof of vaccination is required. You may register online or at the door. Each day of prayer will provide a presentation, time for personal reflection and the opportunity for a Eucharistic liturgy. The Center closes at 4 pm. 

Suggested offering: $30