Virtual Retreat with Michael Fish, OSB Cam

Michael Fish, OSB Cam
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Levanté 1
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May 27 – 29, 2022

Levanté 1, the first of Michael Fish’s fascinating new retreat series, is designed to help us recognize the opportunities for personal growth that are often hidden within everyday experiences. With each video session, he provides a springboard inviting fresh perspectives on life’s challenges and rewards.

Born of Michael’s experiences during his arduous and eventful fifth Camino across Spain, Levanté 1 focuses on how simple everyday events hold valuable lessons for living life in the “now.” Each session, each day, offers a separate, distinct experience that can reveal simple, easily overlooked opportunities for us to live more fully in the present and in the presence of the Divine. Amazing and unpredictable, the Levanté journey provided a wealth of wonderful opportunities to see what God can teach us about each and every life experience. Michael uses his remarkable gift of storytelling and metaphor to show us how these experiences can hold the key to opening our hearts to a wider view of our relationship with ourselves, our families, and the world around us.

Click here to download the brochure (PDF) with full description.

Visit Hermit Fish website to learn more about Michael Fish and preview of Levanté 1.

OPTION 1: Virtual Retreat at Santa Sabina Center $575
Program registration $250 - Register online here.
Residential Accommodations $325 - Reserve for accommodations here.

Join us for a communal retreat experience in the beauty and serenity of Santa Sabina Center. Retreat includes:

  • Morning and evening prayer
  • Virtual program presentations, discussion, communal reflection, and sharing
  • Two nights lodging - Friday and Saturday
  • Three catered meals each day beginning with dinner on Friday and ending with lunch on Sunday
  • The retreat closes on Sunday at 3 pm


OPTION 2: Virtual Retreat at Home $250 - Register online here.
Enjoy the virtual retreat presentation at home. This option includes:

  • Six online presentations and retreat materials mailed directly to your home
  • Morning and evening prayer packet from Santa Sabina Center
  • Group reflection and sharing via Zoom on Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm PDT

Michael Fish at Via de la Plata

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Option 1 $575 (program and accommodations)
Option 2 $250 (program only)