Santa Sabina Center

Hosting Services

Santa Sabina hosts groups of other spiritual traditions and practices that are seeking a contemplative environment. Groups of 45 residents or more may have access to all of the facilities. Groups with fewer than 45 may co-share the Center as occasion provides. Any co-share arrangements are made with care and consultation to assure that the groups are compatible and that their respective objectives are well-served.

For availability and more detailed discussion, contact:
Dave Tracy, Hosting Manager
(415) 457-7727

Kitchen Services

Our kitchen serves groups of 25 or larger in our own dining hall. If our kitchen is not open on the days you are here, or your group is smaller than 25, the following options for meals off-site are available:

  1. Freshly prepared meals are available at Dominican University dining room when classes are in session (One half block from us).
  2. Guests can also find several cafes and restaurants in downtown San Rafael (5 minutes by car, 20 minutes by foot).
  3. There are also good markets nearby which have excellent pre-prepared foods in their delicatessen cases.

Current Rates

Rates (per person, per night) include three delicious meals prepared by our kitchen staff. There is no extra charge for the meeting room. Please call for current rates.

Event Application

To explore scheduling an event at Santa Sabina Center, please complete and return the Request to Schedule an Event PDF form to:
Santa Sabina Center, Dave Tracy
25 Magnolia Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901

or Fax: (415) 457-2310

Our Hosting Manager will contact you by telephone to discuss availability and event details with you.