Online Retreat Weekend with Kayleen Asbo

Kayleen Asbo
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Finding Our Way through the Dark Woods: A Retreat with Dante’s Divine Comedy
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November 12 – 15, 2020

Dante's Divine Comedy has been called the most beautiful poem ever written—but  it is much more than that: it is a brilliant work of imagination that weaves together Greek and Roman myth, European history and a pathway of universal spiritual development with deep cross-cultural resonances. Written during Dante's middle years, his own “dark woods,” it is an epic achievement that saved the author's own life. His experience and vision can immeasurably enrich our own, becoming a map for our own inner development and transformation. In this four-day retreat marking the 700th anniversary of The Divine Comedy, we will encounter this epic adventure through storytelling, art, and collage, guided meditation and writing practices, music and ritual, allowing the experience to open up our own journeys.

Retreat leader Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D., a passionate interdisciplinary scholar, musician and writer, is a faculty member of the Pacifica Graduate Institute. Kayleen also serves as the Creative and Artistic Director for the Mythica Foundation for Contemplation and the Arts and teaches regularly for the Osher Life Long Learning Institutes at UC Berkeley, Sonoma State University and Dominican University. Her encounter with and love of Dante’s work shaped her life as a teenager and has inspired much of her work. Many find her work fascinating, profoundly moving and truly life-changing.

Visit Kayleen’s website at for more details about the online retreat flow and schedule.

Dante Domenico di Michelino Duomo Florence

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Fee: $200. Scholarship assistance is available.

Online Advent Retreat Day with Veronica Mary Rolf

Veronica Mary Rolf
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The Story of Our lives in Sacred Scripture
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December 5, 2020
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10 am - 5 pm

In our secular, contentious, and high-tech world, does God still speak to us through sacred Scripture? Are biblical stories really relevant to our lives?

Award-winning author Veronica Mary Rolf will draw on themes from her new book, Suddenly There is God: The Story of Our Lives in Sacred Scripture, to trace the complete arc of our life’s journey through dramatic conflicts and stunning revelations in both the Hebrew and Christian Testaments. She will also suggest contemplative ways in which we may enter more deeply into the narratives, discover their personal relevance, and allow the experience to transform our lives.

Veronica Mary Rolf is an independent scholar, retreat leader, and a master teacher of dramatic arts. In addition to her new book mentioned above, Veronica Mary has written An Explorer's Guide to Julian of Norwich; and Julian’s Gospel: Illuminating the Life & Revelations of Julian of Norwich, which has won numerous book awards. Veronica lectures on Christian mysticism and sacred Scripture and leads retreats on contemplative spirituality. Visit her regular weblogs: and

Fee: $50