Online Writing Retreat with Kim Stafford

Kim Stafford
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Speak Beauty to Power
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February 11-14, 2021
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Thursday evening to Sunday noon

Poet, author, teacher Kim Stafford returns to lead our contemplative writing retreat. His invitation to “speak beauty to power” may be the transformative energy we all need as we spring forward into recovery from Covid-19 and the destructive energies of political strife. Kim reminds us, Earth calls for testimony, but not stridency. In poetry and episodic prose, we will forge testimony to protect places we love, and sustain the planet, with utterance kin to natural beauty. As a river testifies, so shall we—flow, light, grace. As a tree testifies, so shall we—a lofty intelligence, rooted in fact. The loud conversations of our time require winsome witness for the wild world. After writing together, we will explore ways to make our witness public.

Kim Stafford is poet laureate of Oregon and teaches writing locally and internationally. He is the Artist in Residence and Director of the Northwest Writing Institute at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Kim is a regular retreat presenter at Santa Sabina. 

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Fee: $200